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International Law

Section Focus

The purpose of the International Law Section is to promote the objective and standards of professionalism of the Houston Bar Association within the field of International Law. This Section comprises international law practitioners. For questions regarding our programming, please contact our chair.

Section Chair

Nicholas A. Simms
Porter Hedges LLP
1000 Main, 36th Floor
Houston, Texas 77002

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Member Details

Section Members: 186
Section Dues: $25

Section Officers

Vice Chair
Elvis A. Angyiembe

Immediate Past Chair
Eric J. Cassidy

Paula Galhardo

Pete Musgrove

Section Notes


Section Resources

September 2012 Presentation – Deemed Exports & Export Control Regulations
June 2012 Presentation – Deemed Exports & Export Control Regulations
May 2012 Presentation – Managing Political Risk in Latin America
April 2012 Presentation – Political Risk Insurance
March 2012 Presentation – Postcards from the Edge
February 2012 Presentation – Controlling Media Publicity
October 2011 Presentation – Arbitration Against a State

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