The Interprofessional Drug Education Alliance

A line sketch of a lightbulbThe HBA provides two drug education programs yearly for Harris County fifth graders, in conjunction with local medical professionals, called the Interprofessional Drug Education Alliance (IDEA) Program.

The presentation is held each October during the statewide Red Ribbon Week, sponsored by Texans’ War on Drugs, then again in February. Teams composed of medical professionals and a lawyer speak at schools in Houston-area school districts, reaching over 1,000 fifth grade students each session. The teams discuss both the legal and medical consequences of substance abuse in an interactive format. The medical volunteer may show how drugs affect a student’s ability to study and play sports; while the attorneys may show what happens if a juvenile is caught with drugs in a school locker. Students are encouraged to ask questions, and some team members bring props, such as photos or testing kits. Some teams even discuss substances that may not normally be considered drugs, such as how caffeine can affect growing bodies and minds. All volunteers are provided with written training materials and stickers and pencils as parting gifts for each student. Evaluations from schools indicate the program is well received by both students and faculty.

For inquiries, contact Christina Trevino at or (713) 759-1133.

The IDEA program is now part of the HBA Speakers Bureau Committee. Click here to learn more about the Speakers Bureau, submit a request for an IDEA presentation, or volunteer as a presenter.

Program Materials

IDEA Manual

IDEA Doctor PowerPoint

IDEA Powerpoint for Children

IDEA Video