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Posted on: Feb 14, 2020

Charles Shearn Elementary School celebrated the grand reopening of its library with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, February 14 at 9802 Stella Link, Houston, TX 77025. A special project of the Houston Bar Association (HBA)’s Lawyers for Literacy Committee, the Shearn Elementary library underwent a well-deserved transformation, which included a complete remodel along with brand new books, furniture and more thanks to generous donations.

HBA President Benny Agosto Jr. delivered a message to students in attendance at the ceremony.

"Whatever it is that you want to do, dream about it and make it happen,” Agosto said. “That is what you need to do. I encourage you to never stop studying or learning—never stop dreaming—so your dreams can come true.”

Lead by Benny Agosto Jr., Lawyers for Literacy Committee Co-chairs Alvin Adjei, Karan Ciotti and Chanler Langham, with help from the HISD Department of Library Services and community partner Weekley Family YMCA, the HBA raised $30,000 from individuals and law firms, including $15,000 in matched donations by Nichole Agosto and Benny Agosto Jr.

“A love of reading and knowledge is the most important legacy we can leave our children,” Mr. Agosto said. “Along with our Lawyers for Literacy Committee and our generous donors, we are honored to be able to contribute to that legacy for the children of Shearn Elementary School.”

Originally, Shearn Elementary's library books were decades out of date with no designated school librarian and little to no technological resources for students due to lack of funding. Now, the converted space has an entirely new book collection, appropriately-sized shelves and furniture for children, a designated librarian, a state-of-the-art book return desk and much more. The innovative space fosters 21st-century collaborative learning, and the school hopes to utilize the library as a community resource.

“The library will represent the love for reading,” Mayra Romero, Shearn Elementary School Principal, said. “[It will be] a cozy place for students to cuddle up with a book with their families because the library will be available outside of school hours. [We are] building the love for reading [in] our students.”

Part of the Willow Meadows and Willowbend area in southwest Houston, Shearn Elementary serves students in Pre-K through fifth grade, the majority of which are economically disadvantaged, bilingual and at-risk. The school offers special education, advanced academics and multilingual programs and services.

Thank you, donors!

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In Memory of Lori J. Stout, an avid book lover and supporter of our local library

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