Houston Bar Foundation Fellows Program

The Houston Bar Foundation has been a service to the community and the profession for over 25 years. The success of the Foundation is due in large part to the commitment of HBA members, who contribute $20 of their yearly dues to the Foundation. In addition, the Foundation has a Fellows Program that provides members the opportunity to achieve both short-term and long-term goals for the Foundation, as well as their own charitable giving plan.



Following is an outline of the Fellows Program:


  1. Fellow: Attorney can become a Fellow by contributing $2,500 to the Houston Bar Foundation, either in one payment or $250 annually over a 10 year period.
  2. Life Fellow: After completing a Fellow contribution of $2,500, attorney is invited to become a Life Fellow by contributing an additional $2,500, either in one payment or $250 annually over a 10 year period.
  3. Sustaining Life Fellow: After completing a Fellow commitment of $2,500 and a Life Fellow Commitment of $2,500, attorney is invited to become a Sustaining Life Fellow by continuing to contribute $250 per year. If the attorney decides to discontinue his/her Sustaining Life Fellow commitment, the attorney retains the designation as a Life Fellow.

HBF Fellows Brochure (PDF)

Fellows Program Application (PDF)


Honorary Fellow is a distinction given from time to time to an individual who has exhibited outstanding interest in and support of the administration of justice. The designation as a Patron of the Foundation is given to entities, such as corporations, foundations or individuals, who have made substantial contributions to the administration of justice through the Houston Bar Foundation. To date, the late Joe M. Green, Jr. of the Rockwell Fund is the only individual to be honored as a Patron, and Shell Oil Company is the only organization to receive that distinction.

Memorial contributions to the Houston Bar Foundation are a lasting way to remember a loved one. The Foundation acknowledges all memorials without specified amounts.


HBF Memorial Donation Form (PDF)


The goal of the Houston Bar Foundation is to become self-sustaining, with the ability to maintain and expand existing programs, while adding new programs as needs arise. A tax-deductible contribution to the Houston Bar Foundation is one of the best investments HBA members can make in the future of their profession and their community. For more information about the Houston Bar Foundation, please contact Mindy Davidson at (713) 759-1133.


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