During each election year, the HBA distributes a Judicial Preference Poll before the general election, asking members to indicate their preferences for judicial candidates in contested races. In non-election years, the HBA conducts its Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire, in which members are asked to evaluate all elected and appointed judges on a number of professional and ethical questions. The results of these polls are distributed to the media and the public.

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Results of the 2017 Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire

The 2017 Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire Poll Results and news release are posted below. HBA members returned 1,145 questionnaires. The HBA Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire is not an endorsement of any candidate.

2017 Judicial Evaluation Poll Results

2017 Judicial Evaluation Poll Press Release [PDF]


Results of 2016 Judicial Preference Poll

2016 Judicial Preference Poll Results [PDF]

2016 Judicial Qualification Press Release [PDF]

2016 Judicial Candidate Qualification Questionnaire Results [PDF]


2015 Judicial Evaluation

2015 Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire Results


2014 Judicial Preference Poll

2014 Judicial Preference Results (Download PDF)

2014 Judicial Candidate Qualification Questionnaire Results



2013 Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire Results



2012 Judicial Preference Poll Results (Download PDF)

2012 Judicial Preference Poll Press Release (Download PDF)

2012 Judicial Preference Poll Candidate Website List (Download PDF)

2012 Judicial Qualification Questionnaire Results

2012 Judicial Qualification Questionnaire Press Release



2011 Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire Results [PDF]



2010 Judicial Preference Poll Results [PDF]

2010 Judicial Qualification Questionnaire Results [PDF]



2009 Judicial Evaluation Results [PDF]



2008 Judicial Preference Poll Results [PDF]

2008 Judicial Candidate Qualification Poll [PDF]



Judicial Evaluation Poll 2007 [PDF]



Qualification Poll 2006 [PDF]

Preference Poll 2006 [PDF]