Court Information

On Wednesday, September 20.

Update on Post Storm Recovery

The Jury Plaza. The Jury Plaza is a total loss. The County, along with Judge Bob Schaffer, District Clerk Chris Daniel, and others, are evaluating options for rebuilding or relocating a jury assembly space. In the meantime, the County has located temporary space for a jury room in the basement of the County Administration Building, 1001 Preston.

Jury Service. The District Clerk’s Office issued jury summons last week for jury service to resume on October 16, 2017.

Civil district, probate, and civil county courts are not calling jury trials through the end of October. Therefore, criminal, juvenile, and family courts will be the priority for the jury calls in October.

Criminal District Courts. 20 of the 22 criminal district courts have settled into the civil courthouse at 201 Caroline. The other two criminal district courts are located in the Juvenile Justice Center. A current directory of the temporary locations of the criminal courts is located on the JusTex web site. The criminal courts resumed their dockets on September 11, 2017.

Civil Jury Trials. Depending on their dockets, civil district courts expect to resume trying jury trials in November. If practitioners have a case set on a November docket, they may contact the court coordinator of the court where the case is pending to discuss the status. When criminal and civil district courts all resume trying jury cases, courtroom space will be limited. A committee of district judges is working on an equitable way to allocate space as necessary.

Elevators. The elevators continue to be the weak link in 201 Caroline. Earlier this year, the County approved a plan to update and repair all of the elevators servicing the upper floors. Currently, three of the six passenger elevators going to the upper floors are out of service. By mid-November, these three elevators should return to use. After they return to service, the other three will be updated, one at a time. During peak times, the freight elevator will also be available.

Please continue to be patient while you wait in the elevator lobby. Thank you.

Sylvia Matthews
Administrative Judge, Civil Division