Houston Law Offices Commit to Gender Parity

Thirty-four Houston Law offices were inaugural signers of the Houston Bar Association’s Gender Fairness Commitment Statement, developed by the association’s Gender Fairness Committee. The statement is an opportunity for law firms, legal departments and other institutions to pledge support for advancing gender equality in the legal profession.

Signing the statement indicates that the law office commits to taking concrete steps to achieve a material increase in the number of women at the partnership level and in leadership positions by 2020; to implement objective, unbiased criteria and procedures for evaluating and promoting women attorneys; to promote policies and practices to retain and advance women attorneys and achieve gender parity; to offer programs that help women enhance their professional skills, networks and client relationships; and to allow for flexible work arrangements that are an equitable option for all attorneys.

“While there is still much work to be done, the fact that this call to action was met with enthusiasm from firms and legal employers of all sizes and specialties is a testament to the Houston legal community’s desire and commitment to achieving gender parity at the highest levels,” said HBA President Warren Harris.

Originally drafted in 2006, the statement was revised in 2018, the year the Gender Fairness Committee celebrated its 15th anniversary, to renew awareness of the important work that needs to be done to achieve parity within the bar and to promote targeted goals that support gender equality.

Firms that signed on before March 1, 2019 are:

Since the initial signing period ended on March 1, nearly 30 additional firms have signed the Gender Fairness Commitment Statement. Click here for the full list.

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