The HBA created this program in response to low juror turnout in Harris County, especially in certain zip codes. It was designed to help inform the public about jury duty and to ensure that jury pools are made up of a true cross-section of the community. The program educates high school seniors, who will soon be eligible for jury duty, about the importance of the jury system and juror participation in our American justice system. Volunteer attorneys and judges conduct interactive classroom presentations that illustrate the history and importance of our jury system, as well as statistics on Harris County juror participation. The presentations debunk myths about jury service, explain the trial process, and show students how jury deliberations actually work. The program encourages young adults to take seriously their responsibility and their right to serve on a jury and shows them how they can make a difference in their communities.

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The Importance of Jury Service - Speaker Signup

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For more information on the Importance of Jury Service program, contact Christina Trevino at or (713) 759-1133.