Every two years, the HBA conducts a Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire, in which members are asked to evaluate elected and appointed judges on a number of professional and ethical questions, based on personal, firsthand knowledge. Judges who had not actively served at least six months on their current bench as of the date this questionnaire was prepared do not appear on the Judicial Evaluation. The HBA presents the results of its 2019 Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire below. You may view the entire Evaluation or you may view selected courts by clicking on the appropriate links below. The Evaluation results for each judge appear on a separate page. The Evaluation opened on Oct. 21 and closed on Nov. 8. There were 1,276 responses to the online Judicial Evaluation, representing 13.6% of eligible HBA members.

A processing error in a single record in the results posted before 9 p.m. on December 5, 2019 has been called to our attention and corrected.

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Full Results   View PDF

Supreme Court of Texas   View PDF

Court of Criminal Appeals   View PDF

Houston Courts of Appeals   View PDF

US District Court for the Southern District of Texas   View PDF

US Magistrate Court   View PDF

Bankruptcy Court   View PDF

Immigration Court   View PDF

Civil District Courts   View PDF

Criminal District Courts   View PDF

Family District Courts   View PDF

Juvenile District Courts   View PDF

Probate Courts   View PDF

Associate Judges, Family District Courts   View PDF

Associate Judges, Juvenile District Courts   View PDF

Associate Judges, IV-D Courts   View PDF

Associate Judges, Probate Courts   View PDF

Harris County Civil Courts at Law   View PDF

Harris County Criminal Courts at Law   View PDF

Justice of the Peace Courts   View PDF

Houston Municipal Courts   View PDF


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