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"Intro to Meditation" video series with attorney-mediator Dulcie Wink!

Part 1: There's No Failure in Meditation

This session provides an overview of the series and explains how meditation relaxes us and improves our ability to think. It introduces Vipassana Mediation for both quick stress relief and (over time) insight and personal growth. After learning “how to,” we are guided through a process to bring us to a relaxed meditative state.

Part 2: Itches & Twitches; What's the Invitation?

Here, we discover upon reaching a relaxed Vipassana meditative state and learning that our minds are unaccustomed to being relaxed. We learn how to bring ourselves back to the meditative session. Participants will be guided into a relaxed meditative state and will practice the technique. Over time, the process increases our ability to be our best and most selves, regardless of what challenges life presents.

Part 3: Tonglen Meditation—Giving & Receiving

Tonglen brings positivity to ourselves and others during stressful or traumatic situations. It allows us to provide help, especially in times when we feel (or are) incapable of helping directly or financially. After learning “how to,” we are guided through a Tonglen meditation session.




The Adult Time Out

Mark Miller



Presented by the HBA and Justine Fanarof, JD, MPH, E-RYT 500, this video will teach you about our Mindful Law Firm program, and how to practice mindfulness in the office and everyday life.



Wellness – Session 1


Wellness – Session 2


Wellness – Session 3


Wellness – Session 4


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