Speakers Bureau

This committee is responsible for recruiting a panel of HBA members willing to speak to schools, service clubs, and other civic organizations on a variety of legal topics. The committee assists the Law Week and Lawyers for Literacy Committees on Constitution Day and Law Week school readings.





“[Thank] you for supporting our career day…. I took a survey and you were quite popular with our kids and staff. I follow up by having the students research and conduct their own presentations. Two to three students per class chose to be a lawyer. One young man conducted his presentation in a suit and carrying a briefcase! He got an A of course.
Again, thank you for taking time out of what has to be a busy schedule to talk to our children.”
– Elementary school counselor, in a letter to a Speakers Bureau member

A color drawing on a sheet of notebook paper.A gift to co-chair Donna Thomisee from an elementary school student who enjoyed Ms. Thomisee’s presentation on law as a career.









2021-2022 Chair:

Stacy Williams, Locke Lord LLP

For more information on this committee, contact Ashley Gagnon Steininger at ashleyg@hba.org or (713) 759-1133.