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Food From the Bar is a peer-to-peer month-long competition involving Houston's Legal Community to support the essential work of the Houston Food Bank.

The HBA's 6th Annual Food from the Bar Campaign was April 1-May 1, 2021.

The HBA Campaign the End Homelessness and Hunger Committee joined Team HBA in efforts to support the work of the Houston Food Bank, the nation’s largest food bank. Every day 66,000 of our neighbors suffer from food insecurity, including 5,000 children. The Houston Food Bank distributes over 800,000 lbs. of food a day. 97% of those they serve are not homeless. They are working families and senior citizens who lack access to enough food to meet their basic needs.

The HBA placed third overall in Tier One of this year's Food from the Bar contest and achieved Platinum level partner status in the Partner Achievement Awards. We could not have done it without you. Thank you for your help!

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Thank you to everyone who volunteered with the HBA at the Houston Food Bank.

April 16

Moe Aljuboori
Milagros Arroyo
Marie Carlisle
Michelle Curb
Doug D'Arche
Megan Davis
Joe Epstein
Kelley Hammon
Chris Hammond
Camille Jenman
Sarah Kerrigan
Chelsea Klumpp
Jeffrey Kuhn
Daniella Landers
Danielle M. Ludlow
Mitchell Lukin
Erin Mendez
Joel Nass
Mary Newman
Katya Nikitina
Anna Orr
Bonnie Simmons
Maria Vargas
Casey Weaver
Olivia Wogon
Jason Woolfolk
Alan York
Melissa Zarikian

April 30

Paul Armstrong
Tyler Fargason
Maria Fuentes
Bridget Hoffman
Mary Hoffman
Savera Karia
Vanya Karia
Lynn Lovat
Brigitte Terry
Analucia Thomas
Cheri Thomas

Team up

Totals from the 2021 Houston Food Bank Food from the Bar Campaign:

  • 22 teams
  • 378 volunteer hours
  • 9,746 lbs of food & items donated
  • $231,311.11 raised
  • 722,047 meals provided

Thank you to all the teams who signed up.



$12,178.99 raised through Team HBA.

Thank you to our donors!

Benny & Nikki Agosto
Jessica Bailess
Jeffrey Elkin
Phil & Janet Heppard
Allison Jones
Daniella Landers
Colleen Migl
Colin & Sangita Pogge
Kristi Skillern
Sharron Wall
John Woodruff


Photos from the April 16 service event

Volunteers grab boxes full of water bottles

A young woman volunteer stands in front of a row of trash cans.

Volunteers sort canned food at a table

Volunteers stand along both sides of a long table

Volunteers from the April 16 event take a group photo together

Volunteers assemble and pack cardboard boxes

A woman waves at the viewer from behind a row of boxes

A wide-angle view of volunteers in the food bank warehouse

Volunteers count cans of food at a table


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