The HBA is offering two CLE program tracks to provide awareness, suggested practice tips and techniques for navigating assumptions and implicit bias when negotiating, advocating, defending, mediating and interacting with clients and colleagues. These courses were developed as a practice-enhancement tool to help attorneys and legal professionals.

Registration for the next group of Track I specialized classes for Attorneys and Guardians Ad Litem and Family Law Practitioners is closing soon!


Track 1
"The Neuroscience of Decision-Making: Accuracy, Efficiency and Equity"
with Judicial Professor Kimberly Papillon

Click on a date range to learn more and register for the course. Most classes include three sessions on separate days; you must attend all three sessions on all three days for credit.


For Attorneys Ad Litem and Guardians Ad Litem
Register for Class C (April 26, May 3 & May 10, 2021) or
Register for Class D (April 27, May 4 & May 11, 2021)

For Family Law Practitioners
Register for Class A (May 18, May 25 & June 1, 2021) or
Register for Class B (April 27, May 4 & May 11, 2021)

For Members of the Judiciary
Register for Class A (April 28, May 5 & May 12, 2021) or
Register for Class B (May 17, May 24 & June 7, 2021) or
Register for Class C (May 19, May 26 & June 2, 2021)

For Criminal Defense Attorneys
Register for Class A (May 6, May 13 & May 20, 2021) or
Register for Class B (May 24, June 7 & June 14, 2021)

For Mediators
Register for Class B (May 27)


About Track 1
Did you know that scientists have scanned people’s brains as they make decisions and that these scans tell us what motivates us, scares us and fools us? How can we use these studies to help attorneys make more accurate an effective decisions and explore how brain reactions affect efficient and effective deliberation by judges in high stress environments?

In this highly interactive course, participants will explore emerging research in neuroscience. Brain imaging studies will be used to explain how attorneys advocate effectively and evaluate accurately. Participants will explore how reactions in our brains affect our assessments of threat, injury, intelligence, credibility, and competence in a charged environment. The course will pinpoint the areas where discretion and expertise are utilized and where strategy can be affected by implicit processes and subtleties. The content will present concrete solutions and tools to reduce or prevent the unwanted effects of neurophysiologic reactions and unconscious associations in decision-making. The course will identify ways to increase fairness guided by science.

Track 2
"Training Toward Intentional Equity"
with Arcing Toward Justice

Click on a date range to learn more and register for the course.


101 – Becoming Aware and Becoming Bias Literate
Register for the two-part class, June 1 and June 8

201 – Interrupting Implicit Bias
Register for the two-part class, June 15 and June 22

Improving Your Firm's Financial Success: The Business Benefits of Hiring and Retaining an Inclusive Attorney Workforce
Register for Class A (July 13) or
Register for Class B (August 3)

For Litigators
Register for Class A (July 20) or
Register for Class B (August 10)

For Transactional Attorneys
Register for Class A (July 27) or
Register for Class B (August 24)


About Track 2
This track offers basic training, advanced training, and master classes in the areas of litigation, transactional attorneys, and an inclusive legal workforce.



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