Campaign to End Homelessness and Hunger

This committee will partner with the Houston Food Bank and local veterans' shelters.

The HBA is a proud Child Hunger Partner at the Houston Food Bank. Join us in helping the community by volunteering at any of our events.

The HBA's 6th Annual Food from the Bar Campaign was April 1-May 1, 2021.
Thank you to our supporters!

Volunteers grab boxes full of water bottles

Volunteers stand along both sides of a long table

Volunteers from the April 16 event take a group photo together

Volunteers count cans of food at a table

New Houston Food Bank COVID-19 Protocols
We are following CDC recommended sterilization procedures and have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting, especially around high-traffic areas (volunteer areas, elevators, meeting rooms, bathrooms, food areas).In the interest of public safety and the safety of Houston Food Bank employees and other volunteers, Houston Food Bank is practicing temperature readings upon entry into the facility. If a temporal artery (forehead scan) temperature reading is 99.4 degrees (38 C) or higher, the Houston Food Bank will ask a volunteer or group to leave and reschedule their volunteer shift.We are practicing social distancing with our volunteers asking them to stay at least an arm’s length (or 6 feet) away from other volunteers.Volunteers working warehouse projects are required to wash hands before their shift starts, during breaks, when they switch projects, and after their shift. Gloves are also available for wear for warehouse projects, but not required.


Thank you to the volunteers who prepared hygiene packages for students and restocked teacher supply shelves at Teachers Aid on March 27!

A young woman in a face mask sits on a pile of boxes

A pair of bins on wheels, both filled with bags of toiletries

Grayson Estes
John Hagan
Melissa Hagan
Angelina Simmons
Bonnie Simmons
Haylie Treas

A scene inside a warehouse with metal shelves of paper and piles of cardboard boxes

Two volunteers handing items to one another from across a table


Thank you to the volunteers who helped the Houston Food Bank load 1,238 cars with food and water on February 26 at the Northeast Multi-Service Center!

Brent Bastings
Caroline Choyke
Michael Choyke
Katie Fitzgerald
Rodney Francois
Michael Hunter
Susan Levy

Jennifer Lington
Antonio Pena
Christina Pena
Lori Price-Demaree
Anna Robshaw
Miriam Rueda

Ted Seeger
Angelina Simmons
Bonnie Simmons
Kate Skagerberg
Genny Winter
Ted Winter

A masked volunteer holds milk jugs in front of a food bank truck

Two different photos of volunteers handling food in a parking lot

A masked volunteer holds a box in front of a food bank truck

A volunteer loads a box of milk and fruit into the back of a car


Spent the morning at the Houston Food Bank Teachers Aid Center preparing hundreds of holiday gift boxes for Houston...

Posted by Fran Watson on Saturday, December 12, 2020

Please consider donating supplies for this project by shopping from the HFB's Teacher's Aid Amazon wishlist:



Holiday gift bags for veterans flyers

The Veteran Holiday Gift Bag Project is complete!

Thank you to everyone who donated for this project:

Gabriela Alvarez
Sharad Bijanki
Kate Blaine
BMC Software
W. Fulton Broemer
Marie Carisle
Michelle Cash and others
Kasi Chadwick
Jennifer Chung
Camille Cullen
Scott Cunningham
Chris DeMeo
Ali Dhanani
Mynde Eisen
Ali Foyt
Candice Freeman
Greater Houston Dental Society
Roland Garcia & Greenburg Traurig LLP
Tish & Tony Hale



S. A. Hill
Jennifer Jordan
Barbara Lauterbach
Jessica Lewis
Tony Lucisano
Amanda McLeroy
Tina Nguyen
Peter Oxman
Hon. Dena Palermo
Lindsey Postula
Emily Quiros
Robin Raasch
Anna Robshaw
David Rusk
Christian Ryholt
Tara Shockley
Shook Hardy & Bacon, L.L.P.
Macey Stokes
Jennifer Tomsen
Margaret Wittenmyer


Thank you to those who volunteered at the December 12 Teachers Aid Event:

Caroline Choyke
Michael Choyke
Jenise Jackson
Rachel Kahane
Steve Kahane

Betsy Kamin
Kirby Lyles
Adriana Montoya
Roselina Montoya
Christina Pena

Deidre Penny
Cindy Pridgen
Kate Skagerberg
Itze Soliz
Kaley Stringfellow

Sarah Thompson
Hon. Fran Watson
Kim Watson
Eileen Wilson
Staci Wilson

Group of masked volunteers standing by a semi truck

Volunteers moving a stack of boxes

Two volunteers packing boxes

Man in mask stands in front of table

Two volunteers posing at a table with supplies

Group of volunteers smiling at viewer


Thank you to those who volunteered at the December 5 Houston Food Bank Event:

Davina Bloom
George Boos
Myrna Bowlin
Tanya Chaney
Doug D'Arche
Matthew Foytlin
Samuel Foytlin
William Foytlin
Jessica Freedson
Rowan Freedson
Caroline Gaige

Two masked volunteers take a selfie together
Le Hammer & Bailey Williams

Christiane Gaige
Juliana Gaige
Giselle Guerra
Le Hammer
Nancy Hamren
Yvonne Ho
Lara Hogue
Johnessa Letcher
Scott Lever
Mark Melvin
Elaine Naples
Joseph Naples

Three volunteers at call center stations
Yvonne Ho, Shannon Stokes & Staci Wilson

Woman smiling at a computer in front of HFB sign
Tanya Chaney

Christina Pena
Hon. Robert Rolnick
Destinee Roman
Ted Seeger
Bonnie Simmons
Itze Soliz
Shannon Stokes
Kaley Stringfellow
Bailey Williams
Staci Wilson
Dori Wind

Volunteer waving from a call center desk
Doug D'Arche

Volunteer at a computer
Itze Soliz



Thank you to those who volunteered at the November 28 Cy-Hope Event:

Jordan Franklin
Stefani Harris
Alycia Harvey
Nile Harvey
Susan Herrera
Colin Pogge

Angelina Simmons
Bonnie Simmons
Kate Simmons
Robert Tobor
Zachary Tobor

The food bags we stuffed will feed families with children who attend Cy-Fair ISD schools. Thanks to donors to the Houston Food Bank and volunteers at Cy-Hope.

Volunteers from the November 28 event



2021-2022 Co-Chairs: 

Chris DeMeo, Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Chris Popov, Vinson & Elkins LLP
Anna Robshaw, Greenberg Traurig LLP

For more information on this committee, contact Bonnie Simmons at or (713) 759-1133.